Penlux Masterpiece Grande Blue Swirl Fountain Pen (f)

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Penlux Masterpiece Grande Blue Swirl Fountain Pen (f)



The Northumbrian Pen Co are very proud to be the UK distributor of PenLux Pen Co, which is one of the best pen

manufacturers in taiwan, Top quaility materials, German JoWo nibs, in Steel, 14kt or 18kt, origianally designed piston fillers, made in Germany under license.


About the Masterpiece Grande Fountain Pen


Simple yet elegant design is the concept behind the PENLUX Master Grande collection

The fountain pen has a built in newly designed Aluminium Piston Filler, Designed by PENLUX.

The pen is made from solid High Grade PMMA, like most modern high end Pens, with a rolling ball clip and jewellery grade fittings.

this pen is ideal for serious collectors as well as new users of piston filling fountain pens

Oversized pen simliar in size to Mont Blanc 149.

Length 149mm

Dia 17mm

Weight 31.5grms

size #6 JoWo Steel nib

Original Piston Filling System, made from RD001 Aluminium

you will need a bottle of ink, to fill the system